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Reflex Elderberry & Cats claw (RN-Elderberry)
Give Colds & Flu a kick into oblivion
Give Colds & Flu a kick into oblivion

Elderberry & Cat's Claw Extract

Elderberry + Cats Claw = The ultimate cold & Flu remedy

I, Matt, have been told to update this product by a friend who's been using Elderberry and Cat's Claw Extract as a cold and flu remedy with great success. I gave him the last of my pot when he was coming down with a cold. He was amazed how well it helped him recover. My mum and girlfriend are also Elderberry and Cat's Claw users following similar beneficial results. I'm skeptical about remedies but having used it numerous times myself I now recommend it to anyone when they're coming down with a cold. However, you'll notice very little difference when using the manufacturers suggested dosages and I've found you need to quadruple the dosage (4 capsules at a time) to get the required results.

For the first time Reflex Nutrition offer both Elderberry & Cat's Claw extracts in one capsule. These two herbs have very powerful actions:

Elderberry Extract:

The black elder tree, Sambuca Nigra, has been used for thousands of years to ward of colds and flu. Extracts of all parts of the tree have been used, but the berry has been the favourite part. Elderberry wine has for centuries been regarded as a cure for colds and flu - you'd feel better even it didn't cure!

The old wives' tales have now been shown to have much basis in scientific fact.

In 1980, Madeleine Mumcuoglu, a virologist, was looking for a research subject for her PhD thesis. Her supervisor, Dr Jean Lindermann, the discoverer of interferon, suggested that she investigate the black elderberry, which she did. The ensuing research resulted in a doctorate for herself, and the potential saving of millions of lives.

She developed a standardised extract of the black elderberry, Sambuca Nigra, which was proved to have powerful anti-viral effects, particularly against the flu virus, but also against other viruses.

The 1992 flu epidemic in Southern Israel gave her an opportunity to test out her extract.

Just look at these statistics!

- Within 24 Hours, 20% of those patients taking the extract had dramatic improvements in symptoms like fever, muscle aches and pains, and coughing.

- Within 36 Hours, 73% were improved

- Within 72 Hours, 90% were improved

In the untreated group, only 16% felt better after 2 days, and the majority took a week to get better.

By any standards, this is a remarkable performance, but bear in mind that this was achieved in people who had already become 'patients'. In other words, they had the symptoms long enough to see a doctor and then to be referred for participation in the trial. Most of the patients had probably started developing symptoms about 48 hours before treatment commenced.

If the treatment were that effective 48 hours into the infection, imagine how it would be if the treatment were commenced within an hour or so of symptoms developing, before the virus could multiply in the body's cells!

Cat's Claw Extract:

This herb, Latin name Uncaria Tormentosa, is a creeping vine growing in the Peruvian rainforests. Its name comes from the large thorns that protect it. It appears that this is the most potent herb yet discovered, with all the qualities of Ginseng, Echinacea, Goldenseal, Lapacho and Shiitake mushrooms. Its effectiveness against viruses could be greater than that of any agent known, and its versatility is amazing.

Some of its effects are as follows:


This may be its most potent effect. It has inhibiting effects on many viruses, including colds and flu, and can normally stop a flu or rhinovirus(cold) infection within 48 hours. For this purpose, it has to be taken in large doses; 6oomg of extract for each of the two days, taken in split doses; say 1x100mg capsule 4 times a day.

Immune Boosting

Cat's Claw has been shown to improve T-cell counts, and also phagocyte activity. Phagocytes are the cells that engulf and devour invading cells such as cancer cells, bacteria and other micro-organisms. Cat's Claw, therefore, can greatly improve the body's ability to combat bacterial infections, as well as parasites and fungal infections.

Healing effects; mucosal membranes

Cat's Claw has powerful healing effects on mucous membranes, particularly those of the gastric and intestinal tract. Because of this, and also its anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic and anti-fungal effect, it can be of great help in cases of gastric and duodenal ulcers, Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. All these effects, plus anti-oxidant effects which it also has, will have an extremely helpful effect in cases of "leaky bowel".


Cat's Claw can eliminate the mutagenic (cancer causing) effects of many toxins, and also combats free radicals. Various substances in it protect the liver. Other substances, catechins, help detoxify alcohol.


Cat's Claw protects against allergies in a number of ways. It improves the whole condition of the intestinal system, and alleviates leaky gut syndrome. This firstly reduces the amount of potential allergens, and secondly reduces the amount that will penetrate into the bloodstream. It also reduces the effects of allergic reactions once started, because of its anti-inflammatory effect.

Circulatory System

Various factors found in Cat's Claw lower platelet aggregation and blood clotting, and inhibit plaque formation on arterial walls. It therefore improves blood circulation, reduces blood pressure and reduces tendency to strokes.

Directions for use: Take 1 Capsule 2-4 times daily. Or as prescribed by a health practitioner.

Each Capsule provides:

* 100mg Cat's Claw Extract 15:1(15% total polyphenols, 3% total oxindole alkaloids)
* 200mg Elderberry Extract(30% polyphenols)

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Anti-Viral cold and Flu remedy
Anti-Viral cold and Flu remedy
  • Revolutionary cold & Flu remedy.

Reference: RN-Elderberry

UPC code: RN-Elderberry

Size, Capacity: 90Capsules

Manufactured by: Reflex Nutrition

Ref RN-Elderberry
Description Reflex Elderberry & Cats claw (RN-Elderberry)

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