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Maximuscle Methoxy-Max (MM-Methoxy)
Methoxymax Anabolic Flavones from Maximuscle
Methoxymax Anabolic Flavones from Maximuscle

Maximuscle MethoxyMax

Maximuscle MethoxyMax

Maximuscle Methoxymax is the only product from the "hard core" range that Maximuscle are retaining in their product line-up.
Maximuscle Methoxymax contains Methoxy-flavones which have been around for many years, and are very popular recently since the supply of pro-hormones dried up.
For me (Pete) Isoflavone products have more benefit on the cutting (dieting) phase where they seem to reduce muscle catabolism in the face of depleted calories.

Here's what Maximuscle have to say...

A potent Bodybuilding Isoflavone to support your lean muscle, strength and training goals...

This fantastic new product contains the potent Isoflavone, called Methoxy-isoflavone, (MF). In 1974, Hungarian scientists at the research company Chinoin identified an exciting new naturally derived Flavone that exhibited potent effects. So exciting were the results that they were granted a U.S patent. Since 1994, this product could not be manufactured or sold by Maximuscle, due to its crazy cost. Thanks to new technology, we have been able to produce this product in great quantity and sell it in large enough quantities (due to its popularity) to make the cost affordable. MF supports your lean muscle, strength and size goals when combined with a weight training programme and high protein diet.

Recommended Use:
Take 2 full squeezes of the pipette (2ml) morning and evening. Squirt under the tongue and hold for 60 seconds. Swallow any excess. Take for 4 weeks, leaving 1 week rest before starting again.

Ingredients: Each 2ml serving contains
Each bottle contains 120ml

5-Methyl-7-Methoxy-Isoflavone .....................175mg
Contained within a patent pending sublingual delivery system containing glycerine, riboflavin, water, xanthum gum & potassium sorbate as a stabiliser.

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  • No side effects
  • Natural
  • Anabolic Isoflavones
  • Prevents muscle loss
  • Safe and effective

Reference: MM-Methoxy

UPC code: (MM-Methoxy)

Size, Capacity: 120ml

Manufactured by: Maximuscle

Ref MM-Methoxy
Description Maximuscle Methoxy-Max (MM-Methoxy)

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