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Reflex Zinc Matrix (formerly ZMA) 3 pot saver (RN- ZMA) (x3)
<strong>Reflex Zinc Matrix capsules</strong>
Reflex Zinc Matrix capsules

Zinc Matrix supplement (3 pot saver)

Zinc Matrix supplement

ZMA. ZMA (Zinc and Magnesium) seems to have become increasingly popular over the last few years. This Zinc Matrix product by Reflex currently offers the best value pure ZMA supplement with the highest quality ingredients available.

Several of our customers swear by ZMA for giving a better quality of sleep. Personally I (Pete) have never noticed such significant effects, although I have always taken both Zinc and Magnesium supplements for many years, Zinc in particular displays a very important role in the repair of cells and the healing of wounds, both of which are a directly related to action of breaking down the muscle tissue to promote muscle repair and growth as a result of resistance training.

MATT'S NOTE: The Zinc Matrix formula has changed slightly to it's predescor. Keeping ahead of the supplement market Reflex have reduced Zinc Matrix's levels of Zinc from 30mg per serving (as per ZMA) to 15mg per serving and added a mg of Boron, now believed to be important when Zinc intake is high. Continued users have noticed no advantages or disadvantages resulting from this change.

Reflex Nutrition's say...

NEW Zinc Matrix is a uniquely synergistic mineral formula designed to support healthy anabolic-hormone production (without the use of pro-hormones) in conjunction with an effective exercise and nutrition program.

This special formula is different to other "ZMA" formulations. The Zinc Matrix formulation contains the addition of amino acid chelated Copper and Boron. Copper is included to help maintain an optimal zinc to copper ratio within the body. Boron is added for its role in healthy bone metabolism.

Reflex Zinc Matrix is available in the following amounts:

1 pot contains 90 capsules- 30 day supply based on recommended dosage.


Directions for use: Take 3 capsules daily before bedtime.

Nutrition Information 90 Capsules per Container

Per 3 Caps
Zinc 15mg
Magnesium 450mg

Vitamin B6 10.5mg
Boron 1mg
Copper 1mg

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Buy Wise with our unbeatable "3 Pot Saver" deal.
Buy Wise with our unbeatable "3 Pot Saver" deal.
  • Quality ZMA at an affordable price
  • 90 Capsules = 30 Days supply
  • 3 x pots = 3 months supply

Reference: RN- ZincMatrix (3 pot saver)

UPC code: (RN- ZincMatrix)

Size, Capacity: 90 Caps.

Manufactured by: strong>Reflex

Ref RN- ZincMatrix (3 pot saver)
Description Reflex Zinc Matrix (formerly ZMA) 3 pot saver (RN- ZMA) (x3)

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