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Reflex Quattro Protein (2.1kg) (RN-Quattro)
Highest quality best value Whey protein supplement.
Highest quality best value Whey protein supplement.

Reflex Quattro Protein

Quattro Protein by Reflex Nutrition

As the name, Quattro, would suggest the protein blend is made up of four different protein sources - whey, cassein, rice protein, egg white - and so offers both slow and fast release proteins. It's a similar product then to USN's Pure Protein.

Two unusuall additions to Reflex Nutrition's new protein blend is Lycopene and Linumlife (flaxseed), both of which are thought to reduce risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Lycopene is an extract from tomato and is responsable for giving tomato's their red pigment. It's an antioxidant and some scientific research suggests that people with diets high in Lycopene are less likely to suffer from Prostate Cancer. Interestingly, not many years ago Heinz (America) had a consumer awareness campaign alongside Cancer Research of America about the positive affects of Lycopene.

So Lycopene and Linumlife aren't necessarily what you'd be looking for in a protein drink, you just want sources of protein really, but if they're added for the same price as an ordinary protein blend then it's certainly a good thing .

Taste wise Reflex supplements are normally very nice and mix well - the team at Reflex certainly like the taste. We'll update you with our own views, but from experience of casein blends I (Matt) find the creamier texture makes the drink more pleaseant with both water and milk.

Here's what Reflex have to say regarding the release of their new product...

Quattro, four proteins sources + Lycopene

This is a world first for the sports nutrition industry.

It is a well known fact that natural lycopene, the pigment that gives tomatoes their red colour, acts as a powerful antioxidant within the human body which may protect against some diseases, including cardiovascular disease and some types of cancer. We thought it would be a fantastic concept to make a new protein powder packed full of that natural Lycopene along with a totally new four source protein complex.

This pioneering protein powder is called Quattro and it harnesses the same amount of natural Lycopene that you would typically find in 60 ripe tomatoes. Couple that with the all new protein complex derived from four proteins and we believe that Quattro is set to become the perfect choice for those who want more from their protein powder.

Quattro contains Lyc-O-Mato
Fact: Using Quattro as your preffered protein powder will provide Lyc-O-Mato; a tomato complex, rich in antioxidants and health benefiting phytonutrients including carotenoids - lycopene, beta carotene, phytoene, phytofluene, vitamin E and phytosterols.
Fact: Each tub of Quatrro actually provides that same amount of Lycopene that is found in 60 ripe tomatoes!

The power of four proteins..
Reflex Nutrition are famous for making protein products in accordance with strict quality control ISO9001 procedures. Quattro is no exception making use of four protein sources to provide a unique amino acid profile.

Preferentially selected Whey Protein - faster digesting
The finest quality whey protein from our ISO registered dairy, selected for lower levels of fat and lactose.

Super quality Egg White Protein - medium digesting
We only use egg whites that are derived from the freshest eggs. Pure egg whites have long been a favourite protein source for athletes because of its complete source of easily digestible essential amino acids.

Oryzatein - new age "super" protein - medium digesting
Oryzatein is a non GMO, Hypoallergenic rice protein. Oryzatein has one of the best balanced amino acid profiles compared to other vegetable based proteins like soy. In fact, the amino acid profile found in Oryzatein has a 98% level of match to mother's milk. This means that the protein you are consuming is as close to mother's milk as possible from a naturally occurring vegetable protein.

Micellar Casein - slow digesting
Fresh skimmed milk is ultra filtered, in much the same process used to make whey protein, to produce a pure concentrated milk protein. This is probably the least processed of all milk proteins and is used in Quattro for its prolonged release of amino acids during digestion.

For added benefit each serving of Quattro also contains Lactospore pro-biotics (a stable form of pro-biotic similar to those found in yoghurt drinks), Linumlife flaxseed extract and Digezyme enzymes to help aid digestion.

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......from Reflex Nutrition.
......from Reflex Nutrition.
  • Contains four protein sources
  • Higher content of Arginine
  • Equivalent Lycopene content of 60 ripe tomatoes
  • Contains Lactospore pro-biotics
  • Contains added Linumlife flaxseed extract
  • May protect against UV sunlight

Reference: RN-Quattro

UPC code: (RN-Quattro)

Size, Capacity: 2.1Kg

Manufactured by: Reflex Nutrition

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Made in UK

Ref RN-Quattro
Description Reflex Quattro Protein (2.1kg) (RN-Quattro)
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