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Maximuscle Maxi-Gakic (MM-Maxi-GAKIC)
Maximuscle Maxi-Gakic
Maximuscle Maxi-Gakic

Maximuscle MAXI-GAKIC

MAXI-GAKIC from Maximuscle Supplements

NEW! Maximuscle MAXI-GAKIC has just been released. Maximuscle MAXI-GAKIC is going to be an instant hit - we've already received a lot of interest.

Most of you will have heard of a similar product from Muscletech. Muscletech's well publicised and acclaimed GAKIC is a trademarked ingredient. It's always difficult to work out exactly what's in a trademarked product for obvious marketing reasons. Although, to my knowledge it's a sugary carb spike with L-Arginine. It's unusuall, but very clever, that Maximuscle have released a product carrying a similar name - MAXI-GAKIC. Maximuscle MAXI-GAKIC claims/ blurb are the same and the price is less (thumbs up!).

Now that Maximuscle's MAXI-GKAIC has been released it looks as though the ingredients (see below) are very similar to the Muscletech version, so it's certainly worth a try.

Here's what Maximuscle have to say about their new supplement - MAXI-GKAIC:

Maximuscle Maxi-Gakic. The strongest Glycine-l-arginine-ketoglutarate formula to help increase strength and support muscle growth.

GAKIC stands for Glycine-l-arginine-alpha-keotisocaproic acid. Gakic is a powerful workout product that can help you train harder for longer and with more intensity than normal workouts. Bodybuilders and strength athletes in the States have been raving about its amazing strength benefits and greater more productive workouts. Over time, better workouts mean faster gains in muscle size and strength. Gakic is not a stimulant, so its effects shouldn?t diminish over time. It's not like creatine, so there are no loading or maintenance phases (although many like to stack Gakic with creatine!). Customers say, all you need to do is take it 15-20 mins before you train and you?ll see and feel the results within your first workout! Gakic could help reduce muscle fatigue, which is the main cause of failure at the end of a set. With less fatigue, you?ll be able to perform more work and push yourself harder than normal, which when supported with a high protein diet, could result in bigger, stronger muscles.

Recommended use:

Take 8 caps, 30 mins before training. Take only on training days. Do not exceed recommended use.

Nutritional Info:

Per 1 Tablet
AKGTM 950mg
Glucose 50mg
Niacin(B3) 20mg NE

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  • Support muscle & strength goals
  • Reduce muscle fatigue
  • Can improve muscle performance

Reference: MM-MAXI-GAKIC


Size, Capacity: 130Capsules

Manufactured by: Maximuscle

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Description Maximuscle Maxi-Gakic (MM-Maxi-GAKIC)

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