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Maximuscle Maxi-EFA (MM-Maxi-EFA)
Maximuscle Maxi-EFA
Maximuscle Maxi-EFA

Maximuscle Maxi-EFA

Maxi-EFA from Maximuscle Supplements

NEW! Maximuscle Maxi-EFA has just been released. Maxi-EFA appears in both our oils supplement category and this weight loss category. The reason for appearing in this section is that Maximuscle are strongly promoting Maxi-EFA amongst their "diet system" range.

It's a sensible move by Maximuscle as many of you are now aware of the health benefits associated with essential fatty acids. They're referred to as "essential" because we cannot make them and therefore need to consume them, likewise with vitamins and minerals. Subsequently, if you're on a restricted diet it's a sensible idea to make sure you're getting enough of the right stuff, for example, supplementing essential oils. During my competition diet I (Matt) choose to supplement - essential fats, multi-vitamins and minerals, and protein - on top of my existing diet.

Here's what Maximuscle have to say about their new Maxi-EFA:

MAXI-EFA™ packs more essential fatty acids into one capsule than any other product on the market. Tested to be free of PCBs, dioxins and mercury. This super potent fish oil is rich in the essential long-chain Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA/DHA), shown in research to help the body function well, in many areas that are vital to health, fat loss and physique development. Each capsule also provides 100mg of GLA, equivalent to 1000mg of evening primose oil. This unique formula is fortified with vitamin E to prevent oxidative damage to these sensitive fatty acids. With over 2 years of research, this is now the strongest product of its kind. We challenge you to find better!

Recommended use:

Recommended use: Latest research shows beneficial results at just 3g daily, with 6g daily showing maximum results. Therefore you can take either 3-6 caps daily, according to your requirements. 4 capsules is a good recommended daily use. Do not exceed recommended use.

Nutritional Info:

Per 4 softgels:
Cold water fish oil 3112mg
providing EPA 960mg
providing DHA 640mg
providing Omega-3 Polyunsaturates 1512mg
Borage Oil 1920mg
providing pure GLA 400mg
D alpha toccopherol 149mg
providing pure vitamin E 100mg


Reference: MM-MAXI-EFA


Size, Capacity: 120Softgels

Manufactured by: Maximuscle

Description Maximuscle Maxi-EFA (MM-Maxi-EFA)

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