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PowerBreathe Wellness Wellness - offer
Special Price on Powerbreath Wellness
Special Price on Powerbreath Wellness

Powerbreathe Wellness (Special offer £29.99) (Save £20.00)

POWERbreathe - an essential training tool for everyone that needs increase lung efficiency. FREE DELIVERY* (While stocks last)

POWERbreathe - an essential Drug Free Asthma remedy and cure for age related breathlessness.
Powerbreathe Wellness - The ideal choice for elderly, sedentary or those with medical complaints causing breathlessness.

Here at Gym Ratz we have had incredible feedback from customers both old and young with regards to the remarkable powerbreathe. Users are recommending the powerbreathe to friends & family as they enjoy a new found freedom as their breathlessness subsides!

How many of us get out-of-breath walking upstairs, running for a bus or walking the dog? There can be many causes of breathlessness, such as illness, injury or simply getting older.

Most people assume breathing is controlled automatically, like our heartbeat, but the truth is that we need to learn how to breathe well.

New research has shown that exercising and strengthening the muscles we use to breathe in - the inspiratory muscles - can help reduce breathlessness and can also alleviate the symptoms of asthma.
POWERbreathe has been shown to reduce breathlessness and bring new-found freedom to people who, because of illness or advancing age, are restricted by shortness of breath. Using the laboratory-proven POWERbreathe training system of 30 BREATHS TWICE A DAY, the strength of your breathing muscles will improve rapidly. An easy-to-use, drug free, hand-held device, POWERbreathe has a controllable load for progressive exercise and is appropriate for people at all levels of fitness.

Relieves the symptoms of ASTHMA
POWERbreathe is great for asthmatics, or anyone who suffers from respiratory problems. Numerous research trials have already been conducted, examining breathlessness and respiratory muscle fatigue in many groups of people. In randomised, controlled trials, on mild / moderate asthmatics, POWERbreathe increased inspiratory muscle strength by a mean of 11% in just 3 weeks (McConnell et al., 1998)
Inspiratory muscle training has improved inspiratory muscle function in the following conditions:
· Spinal cord injury (Huldtgren et al., 1980, Gross et al., 1980)
· Cystic fibrosis (Sawyer et al., 1993)
· Chronic heart failure (Cahalin et al., 1997, Mancini et al., 1995)
· Neuromuscular diseases including MS (Foglio et al., 1994), Duchenne muscular dystrophy (Wanke et al., 1994)
· Heart-lung transplant patients (Ambrosino et al., 1996)

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Description PowerBreathe Wellness Wellness - offer

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