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Inner Armour 2000 (IA-Amino 2000)
Inner Armour Amino 2000
Inner Armour Amino 2000

Inner Armour Amino 2000 (325 Tabs + 25 FREE Tabs).

Plain & simple Amino Acid tablets. Convenient quick hit of Amino's that can be carried in the car or gym bag. Personally (Matt writing), I'd rather mix up a whey protein shake in advance or purchase Branch Chain Amino Acids (see Inner Armour BCAA's). Nevertheless, amino acid tablets remain a popular and reasonably convenient form of supplementation - Inner Armour Amino 2000's are very well priced (by us at least).

Here's what Inner Armour have to say....

Protein On-the-Go with Amino 2000 Protein Tabs™
Amino acids are the building blocks of protein in the body and the only nutrients that contain the essential nitrogen element. Carbohydrates and fats do not contain nitrogen. Nitrogen is an essential element for maintaining and increasing lean muscle mass. In order for an anabolic (building) state to occur, intra-muscular nitrogen balance must be positive. At times when nitrogen levels may be low, i.e. post exercise, the body is in a catabolic (degenerative) state. When nitrogen levels are elevated the body can achieve an anabolic state. The need for amino acids in the diet is critical to lean muscle development. Too little dietary protein will hinder muscular development and may contribute to other health complications.

Amino 2000 Protein Tabs™ are the perfect protein supplement when versatility, efficiency, and mobility are issues for athletes. Super fortify your meals and beverages with these power-packed amino tablets. Anytime, anywhere can you have the power of protein at your fingertips.


Reference: IA-Amin2000

UPC code: IA-Amino2000

Manufactured by: Inner Armour

Ref IA-Amin2000
Description Inner Armour 2000 (IA-Amino 2000)

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