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Reflex Progen  Reflex Progen Sachets
Progen Sachets from Reflex Nutrition
Progen Sachets from Reflex Nutrition

Reflex Progen Sachet

Reflex Progen Meal Replacement Meal Replacement technology at its best!

Are you sick and tired of still using meal replacements that are nearly 8 years old in design? Surely by now you'd expect to be able to buy a meal replacement that actually provides some proper nutritional advances. Unfortunately few companies have really pushed the boat out, and if they've tried they'll probably demanded "an arm & a leg" for their attempt.

Well, Reflex Nutrition is one company that has never stood still. Our company slogan Tomorrow's Nutrition Today is an immense driving force for the design of all new products. Our latest and greatest achievement is totally new meal replacement formula called Progen.

For starters it contains preferentially selected proteins to ensure un-beatable quality. A carefully chosen blend of cold processed, ultra filtered Micellar Casein, Whey Protein and Digezyme enzymes provides 40 grams of protein. For added benefit we add Lactospore sporogene pro-biotics, the same type of pro-biotics often found in yoghurt and health drinks, but in a stable form.

For years now most meal replacements have used maltodextrin as a carbohydrate source, in fact previous formulations of Progen have used maltodextrin, but it has two major drawbacks. One it contains absolutely no fibre, and two it has a high glycemic index meaning that it raises blood sugar levels very quickly. Reflex Nutrition is the first sports nutrition company in the World to use a totally new low glycemic index "super food" called Activated Barley instead of maltodextrin.

The OFO-Method and Activated Barley.
Named after the Swedish inventor Owe Forsberg, the OFO-Method is a unique patented natural treatment, (via the exact application of different levels of pressure, humidity and temperature), of organic Barley that increases the energy level of barley whilst activating nutrients and dormant enzymes in a way that ensures optimal assimilation by the body. The result is Activated BarleyTM, a totally unique, low glycemic index super food that is rich in naturally occurring enzymes, vitamins, minerals, fibre, energy and protein. Each serving of Progen contains a carefully prepared blend of both Activated Barley & Scottish Organic Oats, perfect for sustaining energy levels between meals.

Why Organic?
Organic agriculture is a safe, sustainable farming system, producing healthy crops and livestock without damage to the environment.

It avoids the use of artificial chemical fertilisers and pesticides on the land, relying instead on developing a healthy, fertile soil and growing a mixture of crops. Organic is a term defined by law and all organic food production and processing is governed by a strict set of rules.

Back to the formula..
Progen does NOT contain your normal scattering of vitamins and minerals. Progen is totally unique in this respect. All the minerals are amino acid chelated for superior absoroption and the vitamins used are of the highest quality available. You'll also find additional nutrients like Linumlife flaxseed extract, essential fatty acids, MSM, choline and patented Bioperine.

Why should you buy Progen?
Obviously Reflex Nutrition want you to buy their products, that's what this advert is all about. However we're here to really try and advance sports nutrition, new Progen is testamant to our commitment to providing you with a superior alternative and we're quite sure you'll agree once you've tried it.

Label Information
Servings per container: 20
Serving size: 1 sachet (80gm)
Amount per serving:
Calories 276
Protein 40g
Carbohydrate 20g
Fat 4g
-of which saturated 0.8g
-poly unsaturates 1.8g
-mono unsatarates 1.4g
Dietary fibre 2.1g
Sodium 65mg
Potassium 283mg
Calcium 320mg
Phosphorous 67mg
Magnesium 90mg
Iron 1.4mg
Zinc 4.5mg
Copper 0.5mg
Iodine 45ug
Vitamin A 90ug
Vitamin D 1.5ug
Vitamin E 10mg
Vitamin C 60mg
Thiamin 1mg
Riboflavin 1mg
Niacin 5.4mg
Vitamin B6 1mg
Folacin 60ug
Vitamin B12 0.3ug
Biotin 0.05mg
Pantothenic Acid 1.8mg
Selenium 10ug
Choline 100mg
MSM 500mg
Betaine 500mg
Chromium 50ug
Linumlife 125mg
LactosporeŽ 50 million spores
DigezymeŽ 50mg
BioperineŽ 5mg

Protein blend: (Ultra filtered whey protein concentrate, milk protein concentrate(80% micellar casein, 20% whey protein),cross flow micro filtered whey protein isolate, LactosporeŽ (Lactobacillus sporogenes - 6 billion/gm), DigezymeŽenzyme complex ), activated organic barley, organic oats, nature identical flavourings, carboxy methyl cellulose, cocoa powder (chocolate flavour only), coffee (coffee flavours only), vitamin/mineral blend (magnesium aspartate, ascorbic acid, choline bitartrate, zinc monomethione, d-alpha tocopheryl succinate, niacinamide, iron biglycinate, calcium pantothenate, riboflavin, thiamin hydrochloride, pyrodoxine hydrochloride, copper chelate, vitamin A palmitate, chromium chelate, biotin, folic acid, cyanocobalamin, vitamin d3, potassium iodide, l-selnomethionine), MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), LinumLifeŽ flaxseed concentrate, betanine (natural colouring - strawberry flavour only), betaine, beta carotene (vanilla flavour only), artificial sweeteners (sucralose, acesulfame k), BioperineŽ(piperine).

Recommended use
For the best in nutrition, combine the contents of one sachet with 450mls of water or skim milk. Use a blender for a thick creamy shake, or mix instantly with a fork or shaker cup. Use 2-3 Servings daily or as required.

  • 20 foil wrapped sachets per box

Reference: RN-ProgenSachet

UPC code: RN-Progen-Sachet

Manufactured by: Reflex

Ref RN-ProgenSachet
Description Reflex Progen  Reflex Progen Sachets
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