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Reflex Pepetide Fusion (RN-Peptide-Fusion)
Reflex Peptide Fusion - The Unique blend of protein from Reflex Nutrition
Reflex Peptide Fusion - The Unique blend of protein from Reflex Nutrition

Reflex Nutrition Peptide Fusion - New protein mix developed by Reflex Nutrition GymRatZ review follows:

We have tried the new Peptide Fusion in the shop and it certainly lives up to the quality we have grown to expect from Reflex Nutrition.
Peptide Fusion mixes very easily with water in just a few shakes, consistency was pretty smooth on the mouth with just a hint of a fine "graniness" which I presumed was the egg protein content but the taste was excellent (Strawberry). Not Thick but not as thin as Reflex Instant Whey. Pete's verdict :- a great all-round protein which I will certainly be incorporating into supplement regime.

Reflex Information as follows:

Peptide Fusion: Reflex's flagship protein. All ingredients tested to be undenatured. An equal split of Micellar Casein, Egg White Isolate and whey protein with all protein fractions present and proven by lab assay. Sounds good already, but to top it off, it tastes great!

Reflex Peptide Fusion - this is the ultimate protein supplement. Over taking the industry in research and development, Reflex Nutrition have done it again. Not being afraid to consistently improve the formulations of their protein supplements, they never stand still. And now they bring you Peptide Fusion - the perfect blended ratio of 33:33:33 Micellar Casein, Egg White Isolate and undenatured whey protein with all protein fractions present and proven by lab assay. This is the ultimate muscle building, recovery enhancing, health benefiting protein supplement ever developed.

Peptide Fusion

The Real Deal
The only way to build quality muscle is by training hard and ensuring your body is fed with the best possible proteins throughout the day. Proteins that will both switch on protein synthesis and limit muscle breakdown.

Peptide Fusion is the answer. It's the only protein powder you can buy that has a guaranteed ratio of 33:33:33 of egg white, whey protein and micellar casein. It's the protein powder that should be on the top of your shopping list if you are serious about maintaining and growing more muscle.

Peptide Fusion® contains micellar casein.
Perhaps the least processed of all milk derived proteins, micellar casein is a very pure product which is highly sought after in the bodybuilding community. Skimmed milk is ultra filtered to provide undenatured micellar casein proteins without the use of acids or processing methods that could change the fragile micelle structures.

Peptide Fusion® contains bioactive ultra filtered whey protein concentrate providing undenatured whey fractions.
Our preferentially selected whey protein is derived from ultra filtered sweet dairy whey and fresh skimmed milk. It is very carefully processed at temperatures that preserve whey peptides and is spray dried with a lecithin coating to ensure easy mixing. Reflex Nutrition secure only batches that meet our strict criteria which account for higher levels of protein and lower levels of fat and lactose. Our whey protein is tested to ensure that all whey fractions are present in their undenatured form.

Peptide Fusion® contains egg white protein isolate.
Up until very recently, egg white was the king of all proteins with a biological value of 100 (only whey beats it with a score of 104). Egg is absorbed by the body at a medium rate of digestion providing all essential amino acids for growth and repair. The great thing about egg white protein is that it contains virtually no fat or carbohydrate. The egg white used in Peptide Fusion® is of the highest quality, made from certified European eggs that are guaranteed free from Salmonella.

Peptide Fusion by Reflex Nutrition is an ideal supplement for men and women aiming to increase the quantity and quality of the protein nutrition delivered to their body.

Peptide Fusion Ingredients:
* Ingredients: Peptide Fusion® protein complex (ultra filtered milk protein isolate (80% micellar protein, 20% whey protein),egg white protein isolate, ultra filtered preferentially selected whey protein concentrate, lecithin), peptide bonded glutamine (derived from wheat protein), nature identical flavourings, carboxymethyl cellulose, natural colourings (cocoa powder (chocolate flavours only), betanine (beetroot red - strawberry flavour only), beta carotene (banana & vanilla flavours only)), artificial sweeteners (acesulfame k, SPLENDA® sucralose), Lactospore® (Lactobacillus sporogenes), Digezyme® digestive enzyme complex (Amylase, Cellulase, Lactase, Lipase, Neutral Protease).

Peptide Fusion

* Nutrition Information*
* Serving size: 25gm - 84 servings per container
* Amount Per 100gm Energy k Calories 354 k Joules 1502
* Protein 78
* Carbohydrate 4.0
* of which sugars 4.0
* Fat 2.9
* Saturates 1.9
* un saturates 1.1
* Fibre 0.5
* Sodium 120mg
* Potassium 440mg
* Calcium 756mg
* Digezyme® 100mg
* Lactospore® 200million spores
* *Protein is a natural product, values may vary.

Peptide Fusion - Stunning all round protein powder
Peptide Fusion - Stunning all round protein powder
  • 3 Protein sources
  • Fast, slow and medium release
  • Added Glutamine Peptides
  • Digestive Enzymes and Probioitcs to aid gut health
  • Serving Size - 25g providing 19.5g protein
  • 84 Servings per container
  • Great Taste
  • Great Texture
  • Instant Mixing
  • Available in all the most popular flavours
  • 2.1Kg Tub

Reference: RN-PeptideFusion

UPC code: RN-PeptideFusion

Manufactured by: Reflex Nutrition

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Made in UK

Ref RN-PeptideFusion
Description Reflex Pepetide Fusion (RN-Peptide-Fusion)
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