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Maximuscle Progain (MM-Progain)
Maximuscle <strong>Progain Weight gainer</strong>
Maximuscle Progain Weight gainer

Maximuscle Progain

Maximuscle Progain

Maximuscle Progain Weight Gainer - Maximuscle Progain weight gainer is fairly popular but doesn't really compare on a value basis with many of the other Weight gainer products available. Maximuscle Progain will always have it's dedicated followers, after all, Maximuscle Progain does mix well and tastes OK, but it's not the weight gainer of choice in the shop.

Maximuscle Progain Weight Gainer - If you’re looking to bulk up or add size, you won’t go wrong with Maximuscle Progain. Maximuscle Progain adds extra high quality calories to your diet, which is vital if you want to build muscle size and strength. Maximuscle Progain contains the same BIOMAX whey protein found in Maximuscle Promax Protein.

Combined with resistance training, whey protein has been shown to increase muscle size and improve exercise performance, than training alone. Maximuscle Progain also contains MCTs, a unique form of fat which is less likely to be stored as body fat than long chain triglycerides. Maximuscle Progain includes Nutriose and Inulin, two unique low glycemic carbohydrates that don’t raise blood sugar and insulin levels, like sugar laden weight gainers do. Progain then includes the anabolic environment support formula, ‘Nitrogain’ a blend of NAC, Taurine, chromium and glutamine peptides. Take Progain every day with your weight training program to achieve your size goals.

Key benefits of Maximuscle Progain:

# An easy to digest 495 calories per serving
# An excellent 33gm of whey protein per serving
# No cheap protein or simple carb's
# Great tasting & Instant mixing
# Contains Nitrogain™ (a power blend of: Taurine, NAC, Glutamine peptides & Chromium) + Orotic acid
# Virtually zero lactose

# Easy to drink, instant mixing with water
# The best flavours you will have tried in weight gainers
# No wind or stomach upsets
# High quality formula
# No sucrose or fructose

Maximuscle Progain Recommended use:
Mix 2 scoops (120gm) of MAXIMUSCLE PROGAIN with 500ml of water. Stir with a fork for around 10 seconds or mix in a shaker and drink within 5 minutes. MAXIMUSCLE PROGAIN™ is best when mixed with water, not milk or fruit juice. For best results: Start taking 2 scoops of Progain a day for a week, if you don’t notice an increase of around 1-3lbs a week, add another scoop to your daily servings. Keep adding scoops each week until you are gaining 1-2lbs weekly. If you want to put on muscle you should be using Maximuscle PROGAIN in conjunction with an effective training regime and high protein diet. You should monitor your fat levels to make sure the weight you are gaining is muscle and not fat! Some people choose to add extra protein to their MAXIMUSCLE PROGAIN to boost protein intake even further. Some great tasting flavours can be achieved by mixing Maximuscle PROGAIN and Maximuscle’s protein powder, PROMAX. For optimum energy levels and recovery, try taking half a scoop of PROGAIN™ around 45 minutes before training and 1 scoop immediately after!

MAXIMUSCLE PROGAIN Nutritional Info: Per 1 serving = 120g (2 scoops)
Energy 453 Kcal/1894kJ
Protein 32.4g
Carbohydrate (complex) 50.4g
Fats 10.2g
Phospholipids 1.8g
MCTs 3g
EFAs 2.4g

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Maximuscle Progain weight gainer
Maximuscle Progain weight gainer
  • Weight gain or meal replacement.
  • Easy mixing
  • Top quality ingredients
  • 28 Servings per tub

Reference: MM-Progain

UPC code: (MM-Progain)

Size, Capacity: 2Kg

Manufactured by: Maximuscle

Additional Information: Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla, Bananna

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Ref MM-Progain
Description Maximuscle Progain (MM-Progain)
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