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NOS Fusion RN-NosFusion
NOS Fusion - Pre-Workout Nitric Oxide activator
NOS Fusion - Pre-Workout Nitric Oxide activator
Reflex NOS Fusion

Reflex Nutrition's offering to the Nitric Oxide Pre-workout formula presents it's self as NOS Fusion . Unlike all the other NO supplements, Reflex have added a patent pending peptide fraction (protein) which gives the product 10 grams of protein per serving. Note, the benefit of this special protein fraction is to increase available enzymes which significantly increase the body's ability to convert Arginine to Nitric Oxide (up to 950% more).

Reflex offer NOS Fusion in a "hard-core" version which has 150mg caffeine per serving, or a caffeine free version. From our own perspective we will initially only be stocking the version which includes the caffeine spike, after all, it IS a pre-workout training intensifier, would you consider drinking "caffeine free" Red-Bull ?

Reflex NOS Fusion is as of yet un-tested by us at GymRatZ, but as with most things Reflex produce, quantities of active ingredients should make NOS Fusion a cracking product.

Manufacturers details about Reflex NOS Fusion as follows:-

Power surging through your body and pumps that are verging on insanity is just the start. Here is the holy grail of a "complete" pre workout supplement.

Product Overview - This is a pre workout product formula designed to deliver acute mental focus and an advanced level of blood vessel dilation (or pump as it is commonly referred to) by combining a scientifically proven combination of caffeine, taurine and glucuronolactone for increased energy and mental focus. Added to this is the inclusion of ActiNOS. Whilst there are products on the market that are based on nitric oxide (NO) formulations, they nearly all fail to up regulate NOS (Nitric Oxide Synthase) enzymes.

Reflex NOS fusion incorporates a research based dose 10,000mg of ActiNOS; a patent pending bioactive protein peptide complex that is scientifically proven to help increase NOS levels. This allows more blood to flow into the muscles delivering more amino acids and vital nutrients for growth and repair.

Using Reflex NOS Fusion - NOS Fusion is a fast acting formula. Take a dose fifteen minutes before your workout. Do not take late at night. This product is aimed at the serious bodybuilder who is looking for an advanced solution to their training needs.

What makes Reflex NOS Fusion different from the competition? - Whilst many of the nitric oxide products available claim great things, most fail to use doses of the active ingredient that are proven by research to be effective. In fact, no other product in the UK market contains the research based dose of ActiNOS (10,000mg) that NOS fusion contains.

Reflex Nutrition Guarantees

* Formulated to be the market leader
* Better value than the competition
* Made with 100% renewable energy and recyclable container
* Made in accordance with ISO9001 procedures and randomly drug tested in accordance with ISO17025

Reflex NOS Fusion - Power + Perfomance
Reflex NOS Fusion - Power + Perfomance
  • 36 servings per tub
  • Choice of Fruit-Punch or Orange & Lemon flavours

Reference: RN-NOSFusion

UPC code: RN-NOSFusion

Manufactured by: Reflex

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Ref RN-NOSFusion
Description NOS Fusion RN-NosFusion
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