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Humanobol Humanobol
Humanobol - Embryonic derived Growth Factor
Humanobol - Embryonic derived Growth Factor


Humanobol is the latest growth producing supplement.

Originally the main ingredients of Humanobol was bought to the market in the form of Humanovar the supplement from GEN nutrition. but in the absence of Humanovar we have found Humanobol to be the perfect replacement.

GymRatZ Humanobol review:  Not strictly a review of Humanobol directly, but this review is based on our experiences with Humanovar, the same basic product. Both myself (Pete) and Matt have used humanovar many times over the years and it's one of the few supplements that we both come back to time and time again. You'll not notice massive strength gains or huge increases in muscle mass or weight, but what you will get is the most fantastic sleep patterns almost always accompanied by the most vivid and often lucid dreams.

In our minds, for a a supplement to give such a deep and relaxing sleep state it ultimately has to be having some effect on hormone or Growth Hormone levels. As such even if this is the only benefit of this supplement then from a muscle repair and recovery perspective it's great.

To sumarise the, Humanobol and it's key ingredients may just be the much overlooked wonder supplement suitable for use by both men and women alike.

Here's what the manufacturers say about it:

What is Humanobol ?
Humanobol is a cutting edge embryonic peptide matrix developed in Eastern Europe, designed to help the body increase testosterone production, decrease cortisol and decrease recovery time.
Humanobol contains oligopeptides, essential amino acids and growth factors IGF, FGF, NGF, EPF, GTCP that cross the digestive barrier. These growth factors can enter the blood stream intact which are then able to facilitate their contribution to the complex process of cellular growth and recovery.
Humanobol further increases normal testosterone production in men and women, leading to a 68% increase in libido, higher sperm count in men, improve sleep, delay of menopause in women and slowing of the aging process in both genders.
Because of extensive scientific proven research, Humanobol can legitimately claim to simultaneously boost key anabolic hormones while reducing oxidate stress. IP6 was added to Humanobol for increased testosterone and ATP production and energy levels. Humanobol is a very versatile and safe product to be used by men and women, athletes or non-athletes of all ages. Benefits of Humanobol: Raise testosterone Reduce cortisol Reduce oxidate stress/speed recovery Increase sexual drive Normalize insulin levels Improve sleep Improve well being Improve skin, hair & nails Decrease wrinkles Live longer, younger, healthier.
Nutritional Breakdown of Humanobol:
Amount per 1 capsule serving; Embryonic peptide matrix yielding naturally occuring IGF-1, IGF-2, FGF, NGF, EDF, CFGF, 100mg IP6. 250mg
Humanobol Ingredients:
Other Ingrediants: Gelatin, Magnesium Stearate Silicon Doxide
Recommended Usage:
Suggested use for persons under 200lbs: Take 1 capsule in a morning and 1 capsule before bedtime (on an empty stomach) Suggested use for persons over 200lbs: Take 1 capsule in a morning and 2 capsules before bedtime (on an empty stomach)


Reference: Humanobol

UPC code: Humanobol

Size, Capacity: 60caps

Manufactured by: Revolutions Nutrition USA

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Ref Humanobol
Description Humanobol Humanobol

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