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Maximuscle GH Kick (MM-GHKICK)
GH Kick by Maximuscle (450g tub)
GH Kick by Maximuscle (450g tub)

Maximuscle GH Kick

Maximuscle GH Kick

GH Kick has been completely revised since the original formula which contained GABA. The current formula is based on a blend of Amino acids and other substances that have allegedly been found to increase levels of Growth Hormone.

Personally I (Pete) am not convinced by the research and studies as to the effectiveness of products that claim to elevate Growth Hormone. In my quest for more information I came across the following interesting page www.Sportsci.org - Amino supplementation
you can make your own mind up. I've tried 2 pots of GH Kick now and it certainly tastes nice, but it's not a supplement I feel the urge to use again. Of course, everyone responds differently, but I didn't notice any other benefits apart from nice tasting Carb. drink. Certainly not a product I ever recommend to customers in the shop.

Here's Maximuscle's take on the product though....

One of the most unique formulas on the market, using the new and exciting Glutalysinapyro.

Maximuscle's GH-Kick has a unique trademarked and patent pending combination of APG (Arginine, Lysine hydrochloride, L-glutamine) with Nicotinic acid. The research by Welbourne on Glutamine in clinical nutrition and Isidori, using this formula in current medical research, is amazing! Maximuscle's GH-Kick comes in a thirst quenching orange flavoured drink, making it ideal to take before or after your workout. This extremely popular bodybuilding formula is used regularly by some of the UK's most successful strength & power athletes that want the best products possible for their goals.

Why to buy GH Kick:

Contains Glutalysinapyro;
Unique, patent pending & exclusive;
Great tasting orange flavoured drink;
Used by many top bodybuilders;
Exclusive to Maximuscle.

Recommended use:
Mix 2 scoops (30gm) in 150-250ml of water (according to taste) and drink within 5 minutes, before going to bed (or 20 minutes before a workout - men only). The new GH KICK™ formula can also be taken at breakfast time. GH KICK™ works within 5-10 minutes. If too strong reduce to one scoop daily.

Nutrition Information: Per 30g (2 scoops)
-Energy 114.3kcal (478kJ)
-Protein 5.4g
-Carbohydrate 23.2g
-Fat trace
-Active Ingredients:
-L-Glutamine 2g
-Arginine pyroglutamate 1.2g
-Lysine Hydrochloride 1.2g
-Nicotinic acid 75mg

Side effects:- GH KICK™ contains no steroids or hormones. A natural flushing feeling can be felt in some individuals, this is normal and is a result of increased blood flow to the body. This effect lasts for 30mins and is harmless.

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Reference: MM-GHK

UPC code: (MM-GHK)

Size, Capacity: 450g

Manufactured by: Maximuscle

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Description Maximuscle GH Kick (MM-GHKICK)

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