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Sci-MX - GRS-5 Sci-MX-Pure Protein GRS-5
Sci-Mx GRS-5 - Excellent tast, Easy mixing.
Sci-Mx GRS-5 - Excellent tast, Easy mixing.

Sci-Mx (usn) Pure Protein replacement GRS-5

NEW - GRS-5 the repacement for pure protein

Pete says - GRS-5 is the latest replacement for Pure Protein and features a new ingredient called "aninogen" which enhances absorption of proteins. Still tastes as good as before though. "Pure Protein from Sci-Mx is becoming equally as popular as Reflex Nutrition protein powder for shop sales. It's a great blend of proteins and the inclusion of calcium caseinate makes for a much thicker consistency even when mixed with water. USN Pure Protein would make a great daytime/night time protein, while the likes of Reflex Instant whey is excellent as a pre/post workout protein due to rapid absorption. All flavours of USN Pure Protein including vanilla get the Gym Ratz seal of approval."

Sci-MX Pure Protein Details as follows -

Use Sci-MX Pure Protein for:

* Building lean muscle
* Maintaining current muscle size or tone
* Improving muscle definition – lose fat whilst retaining muscle
* High protein – low carbohydrate dieting
* Recovery after training or sport event
* Fat loss whilst following a calorie controlled diet
* Idea for in between meals and before bed, ensuring a sufficient protein intake in your diet

Sci-MX Pure Protein is Typically Used By:

* Body-builders
* Power athletes (Rugby players, Field athletes, Boxers etc)
* Strength and endurance athletes (Tri-athletes, sprint-cyclists, swimmers)
* Anyone requiring high levels of quality protein
* Anyone wanting to lose body fat by following a high protein calorie controlled diet
* Anyone wanting to improve all-round sports performance
* Anyone wanting a balanced, nutritious, virtually carb-free protein source

Sci-MX Pure Protein unique points:

* Contains USN’s unique Pure Protein Blend
* Contains USN’s unique Lactazyme ™ digestive enzyme formulation for improved absorption
* USN’s unique, flagship advanced sustained time release protein formulation
* Contains a potent 8g of Glutamine per serving
* Mixes easily into a delicious, thick & creamy shake – Sci-Mx products are renowned for their great taste!

How does Sci-Mx Pure Protein differ from 100% Whey Protein?

Sci-Mx Pure Protein is made from a blend of 5 different types of protein, namely whey protein isolate and concentrate, egg albumen, calcium caseinate and soy protein isolate. This variation of protein sources provides a wider spectrum of amino acids than if just one or two protein sources are used. Along with Sci-Mx’s unique Lactazyme TM digestive enzyme formulation, it also ensures a slower, sustained time-release effect as each different protein type is synthesised at a different rate by the body. Ideal for in between meals or at bedtime to ensure long periods of amino-acid supply

Sci-Mx’s 100% Whey Protein contains a blend of whey protein isolate and concentrate only. This product offers the highest BV (Biological Value) protein source available, rich in branched chain amino acids (BCAA’s) and very quickly synthesised and made available to recovering muscles. Ideal as a post-workout protein source

Answers to some FAQ’s about this product:

* Can be combined with any muscle growth, strength, or performance-enhancing products.
* Suitable for vegetarians
* This product is virtually lactose free.

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Pure Protein from Sci-Mx - Sustained release protein blend.
Pure Protein from Sci-Mx - Sustained release protein blend.
  • Ingredients per 55g serving: (178 k/cals)
  • 40g Protein – A blend of protein sources consisting of whey protein isolate and concentrate, egg albumen powder, calcium caseinate and soy protein isolate
  • Only 3.5g Carbohydrates – Virtually carbohydrate free to promote fat loss
  • 16 Vitamins and Minerals - Complete vitamin and mineral package providing essential micro-nutrients at 50% of the RDA per serving
  • BCAA enriched amino package providing all essential & non-essential muscle building amino’s.
  • An impressive 8g of L-Glutamine for enhanced muscle growth, repair, and recovery
  • 1.5g MCT , providing additional high energy calories and ensuring zero muscle catabolism
  • ASPARTAME FREE - Safe and approved sweetener (Sucralose)
  • Sucrose free with no artificial colourants or chemical preservatives added
  • Low Carb - Less than 6%

Reference: USN-PureProtein GRS-5

UPC code: SciMx - Pure Protein GRS-5

Weight: 5.00lb

Manufactured by: Sci-MX

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Ref USN-PureProtein GRS-5
Description Sci-MX - GRS-5 Sci-MX-Pure Protein GRS-5
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