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Maximuscle Creatamax Creatine Capsules (MM-Ccap)
<strong>Creatine Capsules</strong> from Maximuscle
Creatine Capsules from Maximuscle

Maximuscle Creatine Capsules

Maximuscle Creatine Capsules

Maximuscle Creatamax Creatine capsules - These Creatine capsules in their original form were very popular and convenient, something you can take to work or stick in your sports bag and glug with your post workout shake.The only Creatine Capsules product we have, and with the added ALC should prove to be a real winner.

Creatamax capsules are designed for the endurance, power and strength athletes amongst you (sprinters, boxers, cyclists etc). Creatamax - Creatine capsules are ideal for anyone that doesn't require the large dosages that bodybuilders need.

Creatamax - Creatine capsules contain the purest Maxpure Creatine Monohydrate along with the advanced Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALC) version of L-carnitine. The bad taste of ALC prevents it being used in powder formulations, but in a capsule version you can now benefit from its incredible research proven effects, which are even more effective when combined with Creatine Monohydrate. Research has shown this combination can increase: reflex, maximum power output, energy production, stamina, time to exhaustion, immune boosting, focus, alertness and sleep quality. Most exciting this extremely potent Creatine capsules also promises, through new research, to increase your bodies natural levels of Testosterone, whilst also decreasing stress induced Cortisol production, therefore dramatically increasing recovery and well being after intense training and competition. If you’re a runner, cyclist, footballer, swimmer, in the military and your goal is not large amounts of muscle and strength, but noticeable differences in performance, then Creatamax Creatine capsules is a world-beater. In fact we know that when you compare these Creatine capsules to any other on the market place, nothing compares. Feel the difference within a week - guaranteed

Maximuscle say..

Creatine + Carnitine in easy to take capsules.

Creatamax Capsules (CCAP) are one of the most potent Creatine capsules on the market and are ideal for bodybuilders, power and strength athletes such as sprinters, boxers, cyclists, etc, who want Creatine in simple easy to take capsules. CCAPs have clinical evidence showing how they could improve lean muscle and size in conjunction with your training programme. CCAPs contain the purest Maxpure™ Creatine Monohydrate along with L-Carnitine, an ingredient with a great reputation and very popular amongst bodybuilders and endurance athletes alike. Creatamax capsules when used as directed, will seriously support your training and physique goals. In fact, we know that when you compare Creatamax Capsules to any other on the market you'll be impressed. Feel the difference with Creatamax capsules.
Key benefits:

* Contains advanced L-Carnitine
* Contains purest Maxpure™ Creatine
* Strongest Creatine capsules on the market
* Even great for endurance and strength athletes
* Feel the results within a week
* Contains patented Albion Magnesium booster
* Easy to take & convenient
* Supports muscle & strength goals.

Recommended use:
Take 4 Creatamax capsules daily. Take 2 in the morning and 2 at lunch time. (or after training)

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Maximuscle <strong>Creatine Capsules</strong> for Creatine Conveinience
Maximuscle Creatine Capsules for Creatine Conveinience
  • Creatine in a capsule
  • Easy and convienient to take
  • Contains advanced Acetyl-L-Carnitine
  • Contains purest Maxpure Creatine
  • Contains patented albion magnesium booster
  • 120 Capsules per bottle

Reference: MM-CreatineCapsules)

UPC code: (MM-Creatine Capsules)

Size, Capacity: 120Capsules

Manufactured by: Maximuscle

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Maximuscle Creatamax Creatine Capsules
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