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Promax Diet Bars (MM-DietBar)
Promax Diet Bars - (Slim Meal Bars)
Promax Diet Bars - (Slim Meal Bars)

Maximuscle Promax Diet Bars

SALE on Maximuscle Promax Diet Bars

Pete says - Maximuscle Promax Diet Bars (formerly known as Slim Meal Bars) have become really popular in the shop along with a number of local gyms are taking them in large quantities. As such we have added them t our stock line-up. Promax Diet Bars are in my mind much nicer than the regular Maxmeal bars. The addition of CLA keeps them moist with virtually the same amount of protein. As a diet bar they are great, but as a general purpose protein bar they are excellent.

Maximuscle details as follows:

Maximuscle Promax Diet Bars
A great high protein, low carb, weight management bar with CLA.

If your vision of a ‘diet’ or ‘light’ bar is some nut and grain mix, covered in sticky glucose and honey, think again. Maximuscle Promax Diet Bar breaks all myths and you will find it not only one of the best of its kind, but the most nutritious and best tasting ever.
Eating diet bars has never been so much fun! Each Maximuscle Promax Diet Bar contains 204 calories and contains a superb 1500mg of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) along with green tea, caffeine, 20.3g of protein, high fibre to keep hunger at bay, just 10g of impact carbohydrates (the ones that affect insulin), essential fatty acids (EFAs) and a collection of nutrients to support an optimum metabolic rate. Promax Diet bars are an ideal substitute for working lunches and can be used any time where a healthy, quick and easy alternative to fast foods are needed (whilst supporting your weight management goals). Do not take more than 2 bars a day. Best used in conjunction with Thermobol and/or CLA. Suitable for high protein, low carb diets.

Nutritional Information: Per 60g Bar (Choc orange flavour)
Energy 204kcal/856kJ
Protein 20.3g
Carbohydrate 18.4g
Fats 5.6g
Fibre 5.1g

Performance ingredients: Per 60g Bar
Xylitol 3000mg
CLA 1500mg
Caffeine 125mg

Slim-Meal (Promax Diet Bar)
Slim-Meal (Promax Diet Bar)
  • Delicious Chocolat/Orange Flavour
  • 12 bars per box

Reference: MM-PromaxDietBar

UPC code: MM-DietBar

Manufactured by: Maximuscle

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Ref MM-PromaxDietBar
Description Promax Diet Bars (MM-DietBar)

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