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Inferno 2 Fat Burner (GR-Inferno 2)
NEW Improved Inferno 2 - The new improved  Fat Burner
NEW Improved Inferno 2 - The new improved Fat Burner

New - Inferno 2 Fat Burner

Just in - New Inferno Replacement Fat Burner

At long last, we have a replacement to the brilliant and now legendary Inferno fat burner.

Inferno 2 - has big doses of some potent ingredients. So far feedback from hardened Inferno customers has been very positive. Due to the potent Bitter Orange Peel extract this New Inferno 2 should not be used by drugs tested athletes

Inferno 2 is the next generation of Fat Burner synergistically combining potent stimulants, well known appetite suppressants and proven fat burning ingredients to hit slimming from all angles. Inferno 2 contains the strongest Bitter Orange Peel (Citrus Aurantium) available ensuring that every serving contains the optimum level of Synephrine for boosting your metabolism and starting the fat burning process. The synergistic components of Inferno 2 are individually, clinically proven, to reduce water retention, balance appetite, balance and regulate blood sugar levels, increase energy and burn excess body fat in a safe and natural way. Used just twice per day (1cap with breakfast, 1cap with lunch) Inferno 2 will wreak havoc within your body fat stores and help you to achieve the body that you want and deserve. *Due to high content of synephrine containing compounds this product is not suitable for tested athletes.

Each bottle contains 90 capsules

Suggest use is 1 capsule twice a day (not to exceed 3 caps / day)

Inferno 2 Ingredients listing
Inferno 2 Ingredients listing
  • Excellent appetite supression
  • Increased workout capacity
  • Increased mental and physical activity
  • THE singular most effective weight loss aid
  • Anti-Catabolic Complex
  • Ephedrine Caffiene Asprin Stack - Replacement
  • NOT to be taken instead of rectifying dietary errors.
  • Increased thermogenics of added ingredients
  • Includes the most effective ingredients in effective quantities.

Reference: Inferno2

UPC code: Inferno2

Size, Capacity: 90Capsules

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Ref Inferno2
Description Inferno 2 Fat Burner (GR-Inferno 2)

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