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Maximuscle Promax (MM-Promax)
<strong>Maximuscle Promax protein powder.</strong>
Maximuscle Promax protein powder.

Maximuscle Promax Protein

Maximuscle Promax Protein Powder

Promax Protein powder from Maximuscle is still a very popular protein. Maximuscle adopt a very high profile advertising campaign, and as such, their products recieve a lot of interest and demand. Maximuscle have always ensured Promax protein remains a top quality protein supplement without reducing the quality to compete in the price wars of other protein supplement manufacturers.

Promax Protein Powder

Promax Protein Powder is an advanced cutting edge protein powder essential for maintaining or building lean muscle, improving recovery, developing strength, boosting the immune system for bodybuilders and sports persons alike.

Every sports person, whatever your goal, needs extra protein and with Promax you can be sure you are getting the very best in protein without having to worry about stomach upsets and wind. By not including cheap protein such as casein (micellular), egg, milk powder or soya, you stomach stays happy and your body gets flooded with the most advanced whey formulation to date called Biomax protein. Biomax protein offers you a unique 100% whey formulation for superior results, which has been shown to be 100% more biologically active than casein, 60% better than egg and 50% better than basic whey. Biomax protein is virtually lactose free, has the highest Biological Value of any other protein and is cold processed for 99% undenatured protein, ensuring no protein damage and maximum absorption in your stomach.

Promax protein is high in vital glutamine and branch chain amino acids, which are crucial for recovery, immune boosting, and most importantly for the bodybuilders maximum lean muscle mass and strength. For the endurance sports, a few scoops of Promax protein will dramatically aid recovery after intense training, whilst preventing the loss of muscle tissue which is so important for strength and power. Promax protein is now better than ever with the addition of special patented digestive enzymes (betaine and prolase), Orotic acid and Nitrogain™ (a nitrogen increasing power blend of OKG, NAC, Glutamine peptides and Chromium Polynicotinate.) Promax protein is super convenient, mixes instantly with water without a blender and tastes fantastic. Promax protein has been voted the best tasting and mixing protein drink on the market for the last 8 years…by amateurs and professionals alike! (Note by Pete - I think that should include "by consumers that prefer Promax protein" )

Use, Dosage and Ingredients

Recommended use:
Mix 1 scoop of Promax protein with 200ml of water. Stir with a fork for around 10 seconds and drink.
For best results, you should be consuming protein every 2-3 hours. This creates a positive Nitrogen balance, promoting muscle growth, repair and recovery. Drink Promax protein at breakfast time or with meals to boost the protein content, in between meals as a high protein snack, after training to increase recovery or even bedtime to prevent muscle loss during the night. Promax protein is so pure, it can be used to cook with or mixed with porridge, yoghurt, smoothies, fruit shakes, etc…to increase the protein content of your diet.

Biomax™(90%, a Maximuscle proprietary high quality blend of whey protein isolates, hydrolysates and whey peptides), cocoa powder in PROMAX™ chocolate, coffee extract in PROMAX™ Cappuccino, flavouring: either vanilla/cocoa/strawberry/banana/coffee depending on the flavour displayed on each tub, colours: riboflavin in vanilla & banana, beta carotene in vanilla, cochineal in strawberry; betain hydrochloride, patented zinc stabilised purified prolase preparation derived from carica papaya, glutamine peptides, n-acetyl-cysteine (NAC), Ornithine-keto-glutarate (OKG), sweetener: acesulfame k, chromium polynicotinate.

Nutrition Information: per 30g serving (1 scoop)
Energy 120Kcal

Protein (on dry matter)

Fats 2.07g
Note: Virtually lactose free

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High Quality Whey protein supplement
High Quality Whey protein supplement
  • Instant mixing with water
  • 99% undenatured protein and lactose free
  • Special patented digestive enzymes (betaine and prolase)
  • Contains Nitrogain™ (a power blend of: OKG, NAC and Chromium Picolinate)

Reference: MM-Promax)

UPC code: (MM-Promax)

Size, Capacity: 2.00lb

Manufactured by: Maximuscle

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Ref MM-Promax)
Description Maximuscle Promax (MM-Promax)
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