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LEUtec (USN LEUtec)
USN LEUtec - Natural Anabolic Accelerator
USN LEUtec - Natural Anabolic Accelerator

USN Leutec

USN's details about Leutec:
The battle for anabolism over catabolism is the foremost physical factor required when trying to build solid, lean muscle. Anabolism refers to conditions conducive to muscle growth, whilst catabolism refers to muscle wastage.

An anabolic state can only be achieved with the following physiological elements in place; optimal hormonal availability, superlative muscle nitrogen levels, adequate amino acid availability and sufficient muscle oxygen supply. Catabolism occurs when these elements are in reverse, and the body easily slips into this state during and after intensive training.

USN’s advanced new Leutec™ is an amazing breakthrough supplement that could delay and even reverse catabolism during and after weight training. By taking a serving of Leutec™ approximately 30 minutes before training as well as a maintenance serving on rest days, the body is elevated into an extreme anabolic state, thereby activating increases in muscle growth, and delaying fatigue.

Serious bodybuilders and power athletes should combine Leutec™ in a stack with USN’s Gaktec™ for extreme results.

Leutec™ contains a massive 8000mg of pharmaceutical grade l-leucine-ketoisocaproic acid calcium per serving, as well as bioperine for increased absorption.

Active Ingredients per 6 Caplets:

* L-Leucine-Ketoisocaproic Acid Calcium (Leutec™) – 8000mg
* Bioperine Piperine Blend – 6mg

USN's Recommended Use:
On training days, take one serving (6 caplets) approximately 45 minutes before your workout. On rest days take one serving first thing in the morning. For best results, stack with USN’s Gaktec™.

Leutec from USN
Leutec from USN
  • Improved Anabolic state
  • Reduce Muscle Catabolism

Reference: USN-LEUtec

UPC code: (USN-LEUtec)

Size, Capacity: 180Caps

Manufactured by: USN

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Ref USN-LEUtec
Description LEUtec (USN LEUtec)

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