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Humanovar (GEN-Humanovar)
GEN HumanoVar - discontinued
GEN HumanoVar - discontinued
GEN Humanovar (Currently discontinued See Humanobal as alternative)

It's back in stock! GEN Humanovar. The Prohormone / pro-steroid alternative. Many of our customers were extremely sad to see the demise of Humanovar, but once more it is back in stock and selling fast. If you feel you want something a bit stronger than "regular" supplements, but are a bit wary of the stronger pro-steroids / pro hormones like 1MT (M1T) then this could be your answer. Customers report much improved and deeper sleep patterns, which in it's self demonstrates the product is doing something more than expected.

I (Pete) am just trying a course as it's been a good few years since I tried it last, I am thinking that now I am entering the years of decline (40 ish) I may see even greater benefit than when I tried it 5 years ago. I'll let you know. Until then, here's a bit more info....

Humanovar - the story

GEN HumanoVar
European Drug That Increases Anabolic Steroid Levels Now Available Without A Prescription.
May Be Replacement for GH And Testosterone.
President George W. Bush’s recent announcement concerning human stem cell research has brought to the forefront an amazing new technology that everybody is now talking about. The ability to grow a living organ for transplant, like a heart or kidney, or cure a disease like Parkinson’s, is pretty incredible stuff.

In fact the potential for this new science is so profound it begs the question; is there an opportunity for bodybuilders and other athletes to benefit? Can stem cell technology be used to build bigger, denser, muscle, or accelerate fat loss way beyond anything you can buy over the counter – or even get from a pharmacy?

Thus far the research on human stem cell lines in the U.S.A. has not addressed this particular issue, as scientists are focused on saving lives, not building super-humans. However, for the past few years, in another part of the world, biotechnologists have been conducting a different kind of stem cell research that does concern growth and performance. The results are nothing short of stunning.

Using fertilized chicken eggs in place of human embryos, scientists have developed a highly specialized method of extracting potent embryonic growth factors called oligopeptides. Within the human body, oligopeptides signal the adrenal glands to produce natural steroids, including the hormones that drive muscle growth, fat loss, sexual performance, aging, energy, mood and health. Oligopeptides are able to cross the digestive barrier fully intact, so no injection is necessary.

The extract has become a much sought after muscle-building drug in parts of Europe. Recently GEN won the bid to introduce the substance into the United States, beating out much larger competitors. As the company that introduced DHEA, Chrysin and Methoxyflavone, we recognized early on the potential for this product. The European drug, labeled under our domestic brand name HumanoVar™, is being made available to select sports nutrition distributors as a dietary supplement, having qualified as such under the current dietary guidelines.

How does HumanoVar compare to prohormones? According to anabolic expert Brian Bacheldor, it’s infinitely superior. In one study alone, testosterone levels increased 83% in 10 out of 12 patients. Plus there are absolutely no negative side effects, such as increased estrogen production.

There is no doubt, the technology behind HumanoVar is supported by more research and clinical studies then nearly every other nutritional product now on the market.

Label Information
Servings per container: 60
Serving size: 1 Capsule
Amount per Capsule
Proteic Embryo Extract 100mg
Vitamin E 30 IU
Selenium (from Amino Acid Chelate) 50mcg

Other Ingredients: Gelatin, magnesium sterate and silicon dioxide

Humanovar from GEN
Humanovar from GEN
  • 1 capsule on waking and one capsule before bed
  • 60 servings per pot.

Reference: GEN-Humanovar

UPC code: GEN-Humanovar

Manufactured by: GEN

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Ref GEN-Humanovar
Description Humanovar (GEN-Humanovar)

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