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Biotest Se7en (Seven) (BT-Se7en)
NEW Biotest Methoxy-7
NEW Biotest Methoxy-7

Biotest Se7en (New Capsules)

NEW Biotest Se7en (formerly Methoxy Sever)

Biotest Methoxy 7 has been re-launched this time as Biotest Se7ven after a great many months of being off the market. This time Biotest Methoxy-7 is in capsule form, so easier to take and far more convient than the liquid version of old.

Methoxy7 I (Pete) have used in the past (old liquid formula), but generally found it better during dieting as it seems to be very anti-catabolic. This could be of benefit with regards to recovery between heavy training sessions, so worth considering if you are starting back after a lay off, or upping your training intensity.

Serving Size 4 Capsules.
Per Serving-
7-Hydroxy-EC 200mg (7-Hydroxy-5-Methyl-3-Phenylchromone Proptlcarbonate)

Methoxy-7 Capsules
Methoxy-7 Capsules
  • 72 servings per pot
  • Serving size - 1 capsule twice a day

Reference: BT-Se7ven

UPC code: BT-Se7ven

Manufactured by: Biotest

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Ref BT-Se7ven
Description Biotest Se7en (Seven) (BT-Se7en)

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