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Maximuscle Promax Extreme (MM-PromaxXT)
<h4>Promax Extreme - Protein powder with the anabolic edge</h4>

Promax Extreme - Protein powder with the anabolic edge


Maximuscle Promax Extreme

Maximuscle Promax Extreme

Anabolic Protein Powder from Maximuscle - Maximuscle have introduced a new protein powder called Promax Extreme. Based on regular Promax protein powder, but with lots of anabolic extras added. Going by feedback from customers that have already tried Promax Extreme, there is a great deal of positive response and enthusiasm. Personally I'd rather pay for a protein such as Promax Extreme than pay the same price for a regular whey isolate with none of the beneficial extras added.
If you feel like a change from your regular protein, a few tubs of Promax Extreme might be worth a go.

Promax extreme (new)

The most advanced Biomax whey protein powder ever created with 7 super potent anabolic ingredients for packing on muscle size & strength fast…

Promax Extreme™ is the most potent and strongest protein powder ever devised and sold anywhere. Every scoop of Promax Extreme delivers over 85% whey protein isolates and the super high biological value Biomax whey protein ...along with the most anabolic collection of muscle building nutrients known to man, in the exact dosages that work (and proven in research).... unlike competing ‘copy’ products that use a sprinkle to make some silly label claim: Each daily serving provides: a whopping: 77gm of Biomax whey protein, 5gm of Glutamine peptides, 300mg of Methoxyflavone, 200mg of NAC, 100mg of OKG, 100mg of Chrysin (flavone X), 40mg of 97% Beta-Ecdysterone and lastly 200mcg of Chromium polynicotinate. Maximuscle is the first company to be able to formulate a collection of such impressive ingredients in a protein drink and make it taste so amazing... and work so well for increasing your lean muscle and transforming your physique.

Compare any formula, like for like and you will not find a stronger protein powder for packing on lean muscle size, strength and power than Promax Extreme. Once you’ve used Promax Extreme for a month you’ll be amazed as to the results you experience in preventing muscle breakdown, packing on new muscle, developing strength, increasing recovery and all round performance. Promax Extreme is designed for the most hardcore of bodybuilders, strength athletes and trainers, who want no comprises, maximum performance and results!

For even greater results, try taking your Promax Extreme with a serving of Creatamax8000GL, but only if you want truly awesome results.

Use, Dosage and Ingredients

Recommended use:
Mix 1 scoop (30g) of PROMAX Extreme™ with 200ml of water. Stir with a fork for around 10 seconds and drink. For best results, you should be consuming 3 scoops of Promax Extreme™ per day. This will provide your body with the optimum in muscle building nutrients proven in studies to work wonders at packing on lean muscle, stength and size. Drink PROMAX Extreme™ at breakfast time or with meals to boost the protein content, in between meals as a high protein snack, after training to increase recovery or even at bedtime to prevent muscle loss during the night.

Nutrition Information:
1 serving = 30g (1 scoop)
Per 90g (daily serving)

Energy 357 Kcal 1493kJ

Protein (on dry matter) 76.5g
Carbohydrates 4.95g
Fat 4.05g
Performance ingredients:
Glutamine Peptides 5g
5-methyl-7-methoxy isoflavone 300mg
N-acetyl-cysteine 200mg
Omithine keto glutarate 100mg
Beta-ecdysterone(97%) 40mg
Chromium Polynicotinate 200mcg
Note: Virtually lactose free

BIOMAX Extreme™ (82% a Maximuscle proprietary high quality blend of whey protein isolates, hydrolysates and whey peptides), cocoa powder in Promax Extreme™ chocolate, Flavouring: either chocolate/strawberry depending on the flavour displayed on each tub, Colours: cochineal in Promax Extreme strawberry, glutamine peptides, creatine monohydrate, medium chain triglyceride, guar gum, 5-methyl-7methoxy isoflavone, N-acetyl-cysteine, sweetener: acesulfame K, ornithine keto-glutarate, chrysin, beta-ecdysterone, chromium polynicotinate.

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  • For all hardcore bodybuilders & strength athletes.
  • Easy digesting, no wind or stomach upsets
  • Instant mixing with water & Great tasting
  • 99% undenatured protein and virtually lactose free
  • Over 85% whey protein content
  • Contains 7 super anabolic ingredients for packing on muscle size
  • Most potent protein powder created

Reference: MM-PromaxXT

UPC code: (MM-Promax Extreme)

Size, Capacity: 908g

Manufactured by: Maximuscle

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Ref MM-PromaxXT
Description Maximuscle Promax Extreme (MM-PromaxXT)
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